Our Story

EST. 1989

FreshMinistries is a 501(c)3 outreach organization working to eliminate extreme poverty by empowering communities and individuals to realize their full potential.

Incorporated 1989 and launched in 1994, FreshMinistries focuses on sustainable outreach in core-city Jacksonville and throughout the world, through programs to teach financial literacy, life skills, job preparation, business incubation and other initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life in impoverished and crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Current programs include the highly successful Beaver Street Enterprise Center (our core-city business incubator), the LifePoint Career Institute (providing job training and placement for unemployed adults), and Fresh Futures and Fresh Futures II programs, helping at-risk youth (including court-involved youth) gain life skills and job placement.

Our Goals

In all we do, we are driven by the Millennium Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations as a framework to end poverty in our time. We are passionate about these goals, and contribute to this effort in many ways:

Goal #1

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, through our job training programs and international work.

Goal #2

Achieve universal primary education, through mentoring and programs to strengthen families.

Goal #3

Promote gender equality and empower women, through business development, family support and education.

Goal #4

Reduce child mortality, through programs to promote health internationally and in core-city Jacksonville.

Goal #5

Improve maternal health, through international programs and the Network for Strengthening Families.

Goal #6

Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, through education and prevention programs in Jacksonville and around the world.

Goal #7

Ensure environmental sustainability, through agricultural training programs to promote organic farming and entrepreneurship.

Goal #8

Promote partnerships for economic development, through our Beaver Street Enterprise CenterLifePoint Career Institute and international development programs.

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