Mpumalanga, South Africa

The aquaponics system will be located behind the Acorns to Oaks Comprehensive High School in Acornhoek, Mpumalanga

Launch date: Spring 2022

Size and scope of the project:

6,000 square-foot greenhouse system
Room for expansion

The facility will be owned and operated by FreshMinistries

This project calls for up to four permanent employees.
Local students will learn about, and work in, the system.

Training will be deeply incorporated into the operation of this system, as one of its primary objectives is to provide technical and professional training to both students and entrepreneurs. The facility will function as both an education site for those interested in learning about aquaponics or starting an agribusiness, and serve as a production facility to provide healthy produce to the school and area businesses. In a region with an increasingly high unemployment rates, which is environmentally dependent when it comes to large-scale food production, this aquaponics facility will provide year-round access to practical job training and quality food for the community.

Partners include:

Conservation International/Conservation South Africa, Mpumalanga Provincial Government

Produce grown in this system will be provided directly to the students of Acorns to Oaks, and will be distributed to local restaurants and community organizations.

For general information about all FreshMinistries aquaponics programs, email Director of Aquaponics Bobby Lee.


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