Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment

Substance abuse hurts

Preventing and treating substance abuse is a core way to keep individuals, families and communities strong. We take great pride in our efforts to improve the health and lives of those with substance abuse issues, or those at risk.

Outpatient services provide a therapeutic environment, which is designed to improve the functioning or prevent further deterioration of persons with substance use problems. This is done through the following efforts:

• Individual and/or Group Therapy, led by master’s level licensed therapists, provides a safe space to explore solutions in a confidential setting.
• Referral available to our partnering board licensed psychiatrists as needed for medication management.
• Average program length is 15 treatment days (when appointments are uninterrupted and occurring once a week).
• Daytime/Evening Therapy available for adults.
• In-Person or Virtual Therapy available.

The Privacy Officer for FreshMinistries is Michelle Harcourt. The duties of the Privacy Officer include:
(a) Maintaining knowledge of privacy legislation and regulations
(b) Ensuring that all employees and volunteers have training on the privacy policy
(c) Monitoring employee compliance with FreshMinistries privacy policy
(d) Responding to privacy-related complaints and concerns
(e) Responding to requests for access and correction
(f) Responding to inquiries from the public about FreshMinistries privacy practices
(g) Liaising with other organizations, the public and government, as necessary, on privacy-related issues.

Questions about FreshMinistries' privacy policy may be directed to: Michelle Harcourt, 904-854-6770, ext. 304. The mailing address is Weaver Center for Community Outreach, 616 A. Philip Randolph Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32202.

A person-centered philosophy

FreshMinistries is committed to delivering person-centered services throughout the organization. Being person-centered means that all individuals supported by FreshMinistries have positive control to lead the lives they desire and find satisfying; they are recognized and valued for their contributions (current and potential) to their communities; and are supported in a web of relationships within their communities. All services are driven by the needs and goals of the person being served. FreshMinistries does this by ensuring the following:

• All plans of service for persons served are developed through a person-centered planning process;
• The plans of service are based on the expressed interests, needs, hopes and dreams of persons served as well as their strengths and abilities in order to achieve desired outcomes;
• Maximum level of self-sufficiency, community inclusion, and quality of life are at the forefront of all supports;
• Families and other individuals identified by persons served are considered valued members of the support team;
• The process encourages choice, personal control, and independence while considering any identified concerns about the person’s health, welfare and safety;
• Persons served are supported in their role as self-advocate and FreshMinistries employees are available to assist them in exercising their rights as opportunities arise. We believe that the people we support should have their voices heard on all issues that impact their lives.
The person-centered planning process utilizes the life course domains across the individual’s lifespan. Person-centered thinking focuses on the following:
• Daily Life and Employment
• Community Living
Social and Spirituality
• Healthy Living
• Safety and Security
• Citizenship and Advocacy

The focus is on the individual as part of a family within a community. Goods and services are developed in the context of the individual being an integral part of the family and community in general. Goods and services are provided to help strengthen the bond of family and community and not to isolate the individual as someone with an immediate need to be addressed.

CARF Accreditation

CARF International announced in 2021 that FreshMinistries has been accredited for a period of three years for its Outpatient Treatment: Substance Use Disorders/Addictions (Adults) program. This is the first accreditation that the international accrediting body, CARF, has given to FreshMinistries.

This accreditation represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the standards established by CARF. An organization receiving a Three-Year Accreditation has put itself through a rigorous peer review process. It has demonstrated to a team of surveyors during an on-site visit its commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality.

Choosing CARF-accredited programs and services give you the assurance that: The programs and services actively involve consumers in selecting, planning, and using services.

The organization’s programs and services have met consumer-focused, state-of-the-art national standards of performance. The organization is focused on assisting each consumer in achieving his or her chosen goals and outcomes.

FreshMinistries CARF Accredited Programs:

Outpatient Treatment: Substance Use Disorders/Addictions (Adults)

CARF is an independent, nonprofit accrediting body whose mission is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of the persons served. Founded in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and now known as CARF International, the accrediting body establishes consumer-focused standards to help organizations measure and improve the quality of their programs and services. For more information about the accreditation process, please visit the CARF website at

For additional information, contact Michelle Harcourt at 904-854-6770.