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A FreshMinistries Initiative, Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries is devoted to helping people explore the roots of their spirituality, whether it be in the Holy Land, through Celtic countries, the Mediterranean, Asia or Africa. We invite you to join us on an upcoming pilgrimage!

We plan spiritual and educational journeys for groups of adults and youth to: The Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Russia and within the United States: Alaska, California and Arizona. We also book individual and group cruises.

Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries was developed to offer international bridge-building through pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Greece, Turkey and areas of strife in South Africa. Through the travels of pilgrims with Worldwide, relationships of peace and understanding were created and continue today.

Worldwide sends youth and adults all over the world on mission trips, pilgrimages and journeys of discovery. Our aim continues to be to visit the places of the wellsprings of faith and centers of historical and educational interest, to meet the living stones of those countries.

Hundreds of people have traveled the world with Worldwide since our founding.

Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries has the following goals:

  • To provide an avenue for life-transforming experiences through pilgrimage to Holy Places;
  • To provide leaders with the tools to lead their parish or congregations on a pilgrimage to the "wellsprings" of our faith story so they can share renewal of faith and new vision; By leading this pilgrimage, you will not only be enriching the lives of those you lead, but also the lives of those in need of your pilgrimage supporting God's work throughout the world by bringing people together.

And what we do for you:

  • provide you with a "Pilgrimage Planning Guide" to take you step by step through your planning process,
  • make your airline reservations on regularly scheduled airlines,
  • book your hotel space and make meal arrangements through the professional tour operator in the country you are visiting,
  • arrange for your motor coach, driver and professional guide through the professional tour operator in the country you are visiting,
  • provide brochures for you to distribute as you recruit pilgrims,
  • provide two personalized luggage tags for each participant,
  • provide destination and weather information for each pilgrim,
  • advise you the names of participants under deposit for your pilgrimage,mail receipts and helpful reminders when payments are due
  • request the seat assignments for your group,
  • work closely with group members who have special needs or requests, and
  • provide all the tools you will need to enjoy a successful pilgrimage, but the most important thing we provide is the constant support of a professional travel staff who are available at a toll free number to help you and all of your participants.

Now, let us do what we do best . . . . make your pilgrimage dream a Reality!!!

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