Washington D.C.

The aquaponics system will be split between two separate rooftops and the cellar space of an affordable housing development for returning citizens

Launch date: Fall 2022

Size and scope of the project:

1,750 ft2 rooftop greenhouse
1,000 ft2 rooftop temporary greenhouse
750 ft2 Penthouse grow space
2,000 ft2 cellar space

The facility will be owned and operated by Jubilee Housing

2-4 permanent employees are anticipated
Residents and program participants will learn about, and work in, the system

Training will be deeply incorporated into the operation of this system, as one of its primary objectives is to provide the technical and professional skills needed to attain and keep employment. This hands-on job training will be integrated into and with the other social services provided by Jubilee.

Project was federally funded by the Economic Development Administration.

Partners include:

Jubilee Housing, a Washington D.C.-based organization, whose “mission is to build diverse, compassionate communities that create opportunities for everyone to thrive” through the provision of deeply affordable housing and onsite supportive programming.

Produce grown in this system will be provided directly to Jubilee residents and program participants, and will be distributed to local restaurants and community organizations.

More information is available at nativefresh.org.

If your organization is interested in a private tour of our Aquaponics Greenhouse, please email our NativeFresh Facility Manager, Brittany Jackson.