Charity Organizations in Jacksonville, FL

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It’s no secret that giving to charity feels good, especially when you’ve found a specific cause you want to support. Did you know that there are plenty of charity organizations in Jacksonville, FL that could use your help? Whether you feel passionate about wildlife, helping those who are hungry or teaching financial literacy to those who need it most, even a small donation can make a big difference in the Bold New City of the South.

What are some of the best causes to support in the Jacksonville area? Here are just some of the charities that are making a positive impact on your local community:

  • FreshMinistries: Since 1989, FreshMinistries has focused on improving the lives not only of Jacksonville residents, but also people around the world. FreshMinistries supports several unique programs that are geared toward eradicating poverty. From aquaponic gardening to substance abuse outpatient services, family services and more, they’re making a big difference both at home and abroad.
  • Timucuan Parks Foundation: Jacksonville has plenty of parks, most of which are rich in beautiful plant life and wildlife. Timucuan Parks Foundation seeks to promote, sustain and enhance Jacksonville’s natural areas by offering opportunities for community education and engagement. Programs include youth education, outdoor activities and even archaeological research.
  • Pace Center for Girls, Inc.: For years, Pace Center for Girl has helped thousands of at-risk girls avoid the justice system. This fantastic program for girls in trouble offers counseling, training, advocacy and support, helping young girls find their voice and achieve academic and personal success.
  • Duval Audubon Society: The mission of Duval Audubon Society is connect Northeast Floridians with nature with a focus on birds and other wildlife. Every contribution to this organization goes toward conservation efforts in Northeast Florida.

Why donate to charity?

Throughout the year, many people make it a habit to donate to causes they support. If you’ve found a cause you’re passionate about, your donation, no matter the amount, is a meaningful contribution that enriches not only the lives of others, but also your own. Here are some of the reasons why you should donate to charity:

  • You’ll add meaning to your life. When you look beyond yourself and support a charitable cause in your local community, you instantly make your own life more meaningful. Whether you give $10 or $10,000, everything counts. Giving to charities has been shown to make people feel better, so give frequently to show your support for your community and improve your mood all at once!
  • You’ll motivate others. Want to start a chain reaction of giving? It can all start with you. When you give to a local charity, let others know so they can provide support, too. Mention the causes you care about to friends, family and even your kids and inspire a spirit of giving that can truly make a difference in your local community or around the world. Even if they’re unable to give financially, perhaps they can volunteer their time for an organization they care about.
  • You’ll get a tax deduction. Anytime you donate to a 501(c)3 organization, you’re eligible to write off that amount on your federal income tax when it comes time to file. You’ll reduce the amount you have to send off to Uncle Sam while doing something great for your community—it’s a win-win no matter how you look at it! FreshMinistries is a 501(c)3 outreach organization for which you’ll receive a tax deduction when you donate.

Support Jacksonville charities today

Ready to do your part to support your Jacksonville, FL community? You can do a lot of good today just by making even a small donation to support the causes you care about. Donate now and make a positive impact in the place you love to call home.