Charitable Donation Tax Deduction

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Looking for a great charitable organization to support? Whether you want to make a difference in your local community or want to make life better for people around the world, there are countless organizations that need your support.

What do you get from making a charitable donation? Not only will you feel better about yourself and empower people in your community and even around the world, but you can also claim a charitable donation tax deduction when it comes time to file your taxes. From fighting worldwide poverty to protecting the rights of women and animals, here are some of the best charities that urgently need your donations:

  • FreshMinistries: Based in Jacksonville, FL, FreshMinistries is dedicated to eradicating poverty worldwide. The charity supports several programs, including Aquaponics, the Desmond Tutu Program to End Global Hunger and much more, all with a focus on improving the quality of life of children and adults.
  • Lutheran Services of Florida: This community-focused organization works to improve the lives of Floridians of all ages, from children to the elderly. They fund a variety of programs that works to strengthen families and protect the interests of those who can’t otherwise advocate for themselves, including adults and refugees.
  • Conservation International: As one of the most well-regarded environmental charities, Conservation International supports a variety of programs world-wide that protect and strengthen the environment. Fighting climate change and deforestation and protecting clean water supplies are just a few of the key goals of this charity.
  • Food for the Poor: There are millions of hungry children in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Florida-based Food for the Poor aims to feed them. Their work is motivated by a faith in God and spreading his unconditional love to everyone—regardless of race, wealth or creed.
  • Global Fund for Women: This charity works to protect women’s rights, funding gender justice movements worldwide. Your donations go to support grassroots women’s movements, with nearly 81% of the organization’s income directly spend on grant funding and women’s advocacy programs.
  • Defenders of Wildlife: Working both on the ground and in legislative settings, Defenders of Wildlife primarily focuses on protecting North American wildlife, but they do have a worldwide reach. From conservation efforts aimed at protecting polar bears, wolves, panthers, manatees, sharks and more, Defenders of Wildlife works at the policy level to keep endangered animals safe.

Charitable organization tax deduction

Did you know that your donation to federally approved charities could qualify you for a charitable organization tax deduction? Do your research and find a 501©3 organization that deserves your support, then claim your donation on your next tax return. Not only are you doing a lot of good for people (and even animals) in need, but you’re also able to save money at tax time.

Other benefits of donating to charity

Aside from federal tax deductions, there are plenty of meaningful benefits that come when you donate to charity—no matter how much you plan on giving. Just a few include:

  • You’ll feel good about yourself. One of the most obvious benefits you’ll enjoy when you donate to charitable causes is that you’ll improve your feelings of self-worth. There’s nothing that feels quite as good as giving back, especially when you’ve found a worthy cause to support. Do your research and donate to your charity of choice and instantly feel better about yourself and the wider world around you.
  • You’ll inspire others. Did you know that the giving spirit is contagious? When others know you’ve given to charity, they’re more likely to give, too. Whether they give to the cause you support or to a cause that’s important to them, making charitable donations can start the best kind of chain reaction—one that supports others.
  • You’ll help those in need. The world isn’t perfect, and there will always be someone who needs a helping hand. At the most basic level, giving to charity can make a lasting impact on people’s lives. If you have the means to give, even just a few dollars, you can play a part in making the world a better place in a significant way.

Ready to think bigger than yourself and support a cause that’s meaningful to you? Remember that even a small donation has the power to make a big difference not only in your local community, but in the world as a whole. Find your favorite charity and donate today!