Best Local Charities to Donate to

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Want to make Jacksonville, FL a better place to live? Donating to to a great charity can make a major impact on people—and even animals—in your community. Some of the best local charities to donate to include:

  • FreshMinistries: Based in Jacksonville, FreshMinistries is an outreach organization working to eliminate extreme poverty. Incorporated in 1989 and launched in 1994, the organization has provided programs to teach financial literacy, life skills, job preparedness and other initiatives with a focus for enhancing the quality of live in crime-ridden, impoverished neighborhoods.
  • Hunger Fight: Did you know that even in a beautiful place like Jacksonville, children go to bed hungry every night? Hunger is a problem in Northeast Florida, with 1 in 6 people and 1 in 4 children affected. Hunger Fight seeks to end hunger by supplying nutritious meals to people in need—over 12,000,000 meals have been packaged and distributed so far.
  • Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary: This non-profit provides a safe, loving environment for big cats to live. Their main focus is rescuing big cats from bad situations, and their current residents include lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats, arctic foxes and coatimundis. Give to Catty Shack Ranch Sanctuary and play a role in protecting these big cats and educating others about responsible pet ownership.

Benefits of donating to local charities

Why do people make a habit of donating to local charities? Not only is it a way to do good for friends and neighbors in your community, but you can also reap some of the benefits of your donation. Here are just a few of the benefits of donating to charity:

  • Help those in need. The most obvious benefit of donating to charity is to assist those who need a helping hand. Since the world is an imperfect place, there are always going to be people in need, which means any time is a good time to donate to charity. Whether you donate to a FreshMinistries, a local food bank or a wildlife sanctuary, you play a major role in making life better for those around you.
  • Tax deductions. If you donate to an IRS-approved charity, you can write off donations on your tax return. Check the IRS website to learn whether a certain charity is approved and make sure to include these donations on your tax return to reduce the amount of money you send to Uncle Sam. You can find FreshMinistries on this list!
  • Inspire friends and family. If you’ve donated to a local charity, tell others about it! Friends and family may be inspired to make their own effort and give to an organization they care about. Stoking interest and passion in the people around you is a very tangible effect of your giving.
  • Make life more meaningful. When you donate or get involved with a local charity, you can meet new people who care about the same causes that you do. Along with meeting new people, you also make a true impact on those causes, providing more meaning for your everyday life. Whether you’re stuck in a rut professionally, personally or for any other reason, a simple donation has the power to reinvigorate your life.

Give to local charities today

Giving to local charities in Jacksonville, FL not only makes you feel good, but it also makes Northeast Florida a better place for everyone to live. Keep in mind that even a small donation to an outreach organization like FreshMinistries can have a big impact. Looking to do your part for your community? You have the power to make a difference – donate today!