Nonprofit Organizations in Jacksonville, FL

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Giving to charity not only feels good, but it also makes a difference in your local community. Did you know that there are plenty of charities in the Jacksonville, FL area that need your help? Whether you want to support financial literacy programs, the arts or any other worthy cause, do your research and find an organization or cause that’s meaningful to you. Here are some of the best nonprofit organizations in Jacksonville, FL that could use your support today:

  • FreshMinistries: Incorporated in 1989 and launched in 1994, FreshMinistries has been doing amazing work both in the Jacksonville community and worldwide. Our focus is sustainable outreach, and we work to teach financial literacy, life skills, job preparation and other initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty both in the U.S. and abroad. Our Desmond Tutu Program to End Global Hunger provides support for some of the most impoverished people in the world.
  • Pace Center for Girls, Inc.: Operating in 21 locations in Florida, including Jacksonville, Pace Center for Girls provides multi-faceted, gender-responsive services to thousands of Florida girls every year. Through counseling, training and advocacy, the organization has supported at-risk girls by reducing risk behaviors and avoiding involvement with the justice system.
  • Cathedral Arts Project: Want to support arts education in Jacksonville’s youth? Give to Cathedral Arts Project, an organization that provides access to instruction in the visual and performing arts for school-aged children. Currently, the organization serves more than 1,200 students each week with dance, music, visual arts and theatre programs.
  • Hunger Fight: Thousands of people in Jacksonville, including children, go to bed hungry every night. Hunger Fight’s mission is all in their name—they aim to end the problem of hunger in the Jacksonville area. They’ve provided over 12 million meals to Northeast Florida residents and are expanding their operations to Valdosta, Georgia.
  • North Florida Land Trust, Inc.: This charity works to preserve Northeast Florida’s natural beauty by protecting the special places that make this area unique. Their goal is to fight incursion of developments on the area’s land through land donations and conservation easements.
  • Gabriel House of Care: Fighting cancer is one of the toughest battles anyone can face, and Gabriel House of Care seeks to be a beacon of light for patients fighting this disease. Operated by St. Andrew’s Lighthouse, Inc., the Gabriel House of Care provides affordable, temporary lodging to adult cancer patients, transplant patients and their caregivers who seek treatment in the Jacksonville area.
  • Mission Harvest America: Looking to help others around the world? Mission Harvest America takes America’s abundance worldwide, delivering educational materials, kitchen items, clothes, medical supplies, books and much more to people in need around the world. Over 8,000 shipments of items have been made to over 80 nations and 43 U.S. states as a response to natural disasters and humanitarian needs.
  • Timucuan Parks Foundation: Natural, green spaces are important to our health and well-being. In Jacksonville, there’s no shortage of scenic parks to enjoy, and Timucuan Parks Foundation seeks to preserve and enhance them. They promote youth education and outdoor activities, archeological research, park restoration and so much more. Jacksonville has over 86,000 acres of preserved land, and the Timucuan Parks Foundation exists to serve them all.

Do good today

Found a cause you care about? There are so many ways to make Jacksonville a better place. If you’ve discovered a charitable organization or cause that’s important to you, even a small donation can make a big difference. Play a positive role in your local community by making a donation today!