Organizations to Donate to

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Donating money to a cause you support not only feels good, but it also can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Whether you want to support animal rights, play a role in alleviating hunger or donate to any other cause, there are plenty of great organizations that need your help. Get to know some of them below and learn more about how giving can benefit you and those around you.

Best organizations to donate to

  • FreshMinistries: Based in Jacksonville but with a worldwide focus, FreshMinistries is working to fight poverty daily by empowering communities through equal access to educational tools for children, health initiatives and enhanced economic opportunities. FreshMinistries is driven by Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN with the goal of eradicating poverty in our time.
  • Lutheran Services of Florida: Lutheran Services of Florida is dedicated to supporting healthy communities throughout the state of Florida. They offer programs and services for every age group, from substance abuse counseling to mental health programs.
  • Conservation International: Conservation International is leading the way toward a greener planet by supporting a wide range of environmental research and sustainable programs worldwide. From planting new forests in areas of deforestation to creating the Green Climate Fund, this nonprofit is one of the best-regarded environmental organizations in the world.
  • Food for the Poor: Children living in extreme poverty, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, go to bed hungry every night. Food for the Poor aims to feed these hungry children through a variety of programs and services geared toward building a healthier life for kids.
  • Operation Smile: Cleft conditions affect children in a variety of ways, even putting them at risk for severe malnutrition and even death. By donating to Operation Smile, you give a child much more than the gift of a new smile—you make it possible for them to get the nutrition they need to be strong enough for surgery, reach speech milestones and so much more.
  • American Cancer Society: Nearly 75% of donations to the American Cancer Society directly go to cancer research. The American Cancer Society has a worldwide focus, seeking to eradicate cancer from the world through research, education and patient support programs.
  • Doctors Without Borders: This charity has an A-rating from Charity Watch and four starts from Charity Navigator. Nearly 90% of revenue is spent on programming, bringing awareness and ethical medical treatment to the most needy people around the world.
  • United Way Worldwide: This umbrella organization supports 1,800 local United Ways in 40 countries around the world. The United Way seeks to support three main goals: improving education for young people, improving health and promoting financial stability.

Benefits of giving to reputable organizations

Giving to charity just feels good—there’s nothing quite like the feeling of lending a helping hand to people who need it the most. There are so many tangible benefits that come with charitable giving. Some of them include:

  • Inspiring a giving spirit. Did you know that giving to charity can have a ripple effect? When you give to your favorite causes, let your friends, family and kids (if you have them) know that you’ve donated. It could get them to research your cause and inspire a spirit of generosity that encourages them to give, too.
  • Getting a tax deduction. If you donate to a federally approved charity, like those listed above, you can take advantage of generous tax deductions. Make sure to list all your approved charitable contributions on your next tax return and reduce the amount of money you pay to the government.
  • Improving your sense of self-worth. Whenever you give to a cause you care about, you activate the pleasure centers in your brain. Giving to charitable organizations brings more meaning to your life. Whether you’ve been stuck in a funk due to personal or professional issues, the simple act of donating your hard-earned money can make you feel better about yourself—right away.

Even a small donation to your preferred organization can make a big difference in the lives of others. Whether you’re looking to make an impact on your local community or on communities around the world, all it takes is a simple donation to make a meaningful difference. Find your favorite causes and organizations and donate today!